They say you can find anything on Craigslist- can you find the answers to eternal questions?

If you are looking for a lost dog, a lost love or a secondhand sofa or sink hit up the online classifieds site Craigslist. Maybe you need a car for under $1,000. How about something for free? What if you are looking for more out of life? Take a look at this existential listing from Lost & Found:

There was a day where everything felt diffrent and new, moments that made me feel as though it all made sense and I knew what life was. Sadly something happened that so swiftly and unintentionally shattered my life. I tried to despretly and franticly to pick up and put back together the pieces that I crumbled them to no repair. Now I know nothing of life and wander with a regretful sense and overwhelming need to vomit. I constantly get lost in my mind trying to relive or find those memories and feelings. I've lost. I've lost everything and because of this I am lost

Missed connection, indeed.

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