Say what you want about how the internet is bringing out the worst in us, but seeing these '80s dating videos is enough to make you grateful you live in the selfie age.

These fine gentlemen know exactly what they're looking for. Legs. No fatties. And FUN. It's kind of funny how much detail these gents are putting into their non-negotiable lists. The glaring lack of self-awareness is astounding. The focus on physical appearance is cringe-worthy and shows us a glimpse of how weird dating must have been before Tinder, eHarmony and gender equality.

Surely, every single one of these perfectly normal, totally not creepy or alarming at all men found the loves of their lives with these videos. What woman would see this and pass? One of them has a Viking helmet and fur vest! He could probably kill a bear, right? That's the kind of security that every woman craves.