How do you get a group of excited children mesmerized? Binder Park Zoo will show you, during Reptile Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, August 4th & 5th.

Two young spectators watching a reptile. (Photo courtesy of Binder Park Zoo. Used by permission)

Chances are the stars of the show will have the kids in rept....make that, rapt attention.

The zoo promises more than "100 turtles, geckos, invertebrates, large snakes" and more "critter encounters."

And to show that Battle Creek and Kalamazoo can get along and even collaborate, the Kalamazoo Nature Center will have their experts at the zoo to provide "bio-facts and information about native reptiles and ecosystems".

Reptile Weekend is a two-day event geared toward guests of all ages with the goal of dispelling the myths and fears that people often have about snakes, salamanders, frogs and others, to be replaced with respect and understanding of animals species that  play important roles in the environment.- Binder Park Zoo release

Here's the nuts and bolts you need to know about Reptile Weekend:

It's Saturday, August 4th from 9am – 6pm and Sunday, August 5th from 11am – 6pm. For your GPS, the address for Binder Park Zoo is 7400 Division Drive, Battle Creek.   Tickets are: $14.25 for adults, A dollar less for Senior citizens - $13.25, Kids ages 2 – 10, it's $12.25.  Parking is free.