Harper Creek’s Homecoming Parade is tonight, and Emmett Township police want you to know about road closures.

Closures will be in effect between 4:45pm and 5:45pm along Beadle Lake Road.

  • Starting at 4:45pm today, Beadle Lake Road between D Drive North and B Drive North will be closed along with all side streets in between for the 2016 Harper Creek Homecoming Parade.
  • Police are hopeful that roads will be back open by 5:45pm.
  • Residents and travelers are encouraged to avoid the area if at all possible during this time due to anticipated traffic back-ups and parade congestion.
  • B Drive North East and West bound traffic will be allowed to continue as long as possible until approach of the parade. At that time B Drive North will be closed as well between B Dr and Armour Lane.
  • FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS IN THE PARADE - Staging will be on Trappers Ridge and will be ONLY for parade participants and vehicles that are IN THE PARADE. No other vehicles will be allowed on Trappers Ridge.
  • Drop off for students that are in the event or on floats will be on Kissler Drive at Beadle Lake Road. Use caution in the area, we anticipate bad weather and rain for tonight, lots of people and kids will be on foot.
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Police ask you to SLOW DOWN and be aware of your surroundings and please be patient.   The event is for the kids and the community.  Let’s all have fun and be courteous to each other. GO HARPER CREEK !!!!