Things are back to normal now at a Battle Creek school, after a lock-down earlier today.

Police locked down Battle Creek Central and the BCPS Alternative High School (formerly W.K. Kellogg Middle School), after a robbery suspect ran into both buildings after an incident at the Economy Inn on Division Street.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports:  “A 17-year-old Battle Creek male was arrested Monday morning after a strongarm robbery downtown.”

Battle Creek police say he was a former Battle Creek Central High School student.

Police are investigating a robbery at about 6am where a cell phone was taken and the victim was injured.  A few hours later, a little before 10:00am, the suspect was seen entering the High School.   After being confronted by the officer at the school, he ran across the street and entered a classroom that was in use..

Police found the teen about 45 minutes later, and things were back to normal at the school.