Battle Creek has become the national guinea pig for cutting food waste.


Food waste is a much bigger problem than many of us realize.  We are wasting 30% of all of the food we produce.  We're talking about $218 Billion of food a year.

Recently, the United States Department of Agriculture set a goal of cutting food waste in half by 2030 in the this country.

Battle Creek would like to be an example of how to cut food waste down to zero.

Bill Schroer, with the Food Waste Solutions Committee in Battle Creek, told, 

"Battle Creek is a food town," he said. "For a town of 50,000 people, Battle Creek has a tremendous amount of food assets and food resources that can be leveraged against really a number of issues, but food waste is one of the things that we've identified."

But according to Politico, 

$3 million they say is needed to build composting and waste-to-energy facilities, launch consumer information campaigns and get their plan off the ground.

Food waste is not just a restaurant or corporation problem.  It's a residential problem as well.

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