You never know what you will see as you relax at the beach and this kiddie hauler wagon is one of those things. Like many people, I spent Memorial Day at the beach with my family. While the boy and I walked out to the south pier in South Haven we saw a wagon that made us both do a double take. I stopped to talk with the owner, Tom Woodburn from Portage, and learned that he creates them in his garage from old wagons that he finds on eBay, Craigslist and yard sales. He then builds a solid steel frame to put under it and adds used tires from go kart racers that can no longer be used for racing for safety reasons (not like you are going to have a blow out and wreck at foot speed) as well as the rims, steering and bearings. Throw in a custom 'steering' rod with a Hurst snifter for a handle and you have a really cool wagon that wont tip like the original. you can see more of Tom's amazing creations on his Facebook page.

John Mason/TSM