#WednesdayWisdom Did you know Grand Rapids had a law against being annoying?

For almost 40 years it has been a misdemeanor to annoy someone in the city of Grand Rapids according to NBC News,

In the latest effort by city fathers to rid quirky ordinances from the city's books, the Grand Rapids City Commission is set to abolish a law that makes it a criminal misdemeanor to “willfully annoy another person,” said city attorney Catherine Mish. Theoretically, a pestering person could be sentenced to up to 90 days in jail.

MLive spoke to the city Attorney Catherine Mish who said the language is unconstitutional back in March of 2014,

The commission is expected Tuesday, March 11, to give final approval to removing the language. Note, however, it still would be illegal under city code to commit assault or battery on another person, to molest another person, to recklessly endanger the life, health or well-being of any person or to willfully obstruct someone on a street or sidewalk or in a public place.

There are two ways to look at this.

#1. That's a ridiculous and vague law.  Striking it down is a good thing.


#2. It is now legal to be irritating.

As Americans we have the right to be unpleasant humans.  Don't believe me?  Check facebook.