A volunteer fireman received his first Federal stimulus deposit of $8.2 million dollars.  Wait...what?

Charles Calvin is more than just an every day Indiana guy with two first names.  He's the only volunteer fireman in the history of the planet that can say he had $8.2 million dollars in his checking account.  The New Chicago, Indiana man went to withdraw $200 in the hopes that his $1,700 stimulus check had been deposited by the Federal Government when he got a peek at his remaining balance.

Calvin got that surprise last Friday.  So, he did a little digging Monday morning according to WGN,

On Monday morning, Calvin called his bank and they said they didn't see that amount in his checking account anymore. However, they did note that his $1,700 stimulus payment was deposited.  Now the volunteer firefighter is left wondering if there was some sort of fluke and if taxpayers are receiving way more or less than they should.

There's no word on whether this was a mistake by the Federal Government, his bank or simply a strange data error with the ATM.

With in 3 days Charles Calvin went from broke to a millionaire to broke again.  If that's not the American way I don't know what is.

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