There are many sayings that people have used to tell someone that they are digging their own grave.  The phrase usually means that someone is digging themselves in so deep that they will never be able to get out of it.  But for one man, he is making that phrase a reality by actually digging his own grave for when the end comes.

Jimmy Kickham, age 89, decided that after more than 50 years of digging trenches, ditches, and other people's graves, that he wanted to dig his own before he died. Now, most of his family was hesitant, but he convinced them otherwise.

Kickham's reasoning is that he has dug a lot of other people's graves, so why not dig his own? He does have a point.

Kickham may be 90 years old come Wednesday, but he is in good health and just felt like getting something out of the way. Seems to make sense to him, so who are we to disagree? Also, Happy Birthday Jimmy!