Years ago, I interviewed an author on the radio who said  “when you have to choose between two candidates, it’s not a choice.  It’s a dilemma. But when you have a third or fourth option, you finally have a choice.”   Nobody likes having to hold their nose and pick the lesser of two evils.  But we do it all the time on Election Day.  Especially this year.

But, did you know that there are six candidates for President on the ballot in Michigan?   Only three are on the ballot in all 50 states:  Republican Donald Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton, and Libertarian Gary Johnson.   But you’ll also see candidates from the Green Party, Natural Law Party, and U.S. Taxpayers Party.  If any of the third party candidates get 5% or more of the popular vote, they won’t have to spend all their money just getting on the ballot in the next election.   Gary Johnson has a real chance to do that.

But even though he’s on the ballot in all 50 states, Gary Johnson has been shut out of every debate.    That’s downright shameful.

A lot of marriages and friendships are being heavily stressed because of the Trump-Clinton war.  We work hard to NEVER discuss it in my family.

So, in the interests of happy families, saving friendships, and a strong and healthy America, here’s my idea: 

If you’re at odds over the election with someone close to you, someone you absolutely trust, why not agree to both vote for Gary Johnson?   Your votes are going to cancel each other anyway.   By voting for Johnson, you send a message of disgust to the Republican and Democratic parties, and we might have three candidates to choose from in four years.  

Who are these Libertarians?   Basically, Libertarians believe in less government, and more individual rights and freedoms.  Two things that should appeal equally to the left and right.   The problem with Libertarians is that they'd rather discuss ideas than do what it takes to win elections.  That's not all bad, in my opinion.

Four years from now, there may be a fresh face or two entering the political arena as a result of that message.  Come on, it's time to tell the Republican and Democratic parties that they're dinosaurs.  Instead of fighting over the dinner table when your vote will just be cancelled out, make the promise:  "I'll vote for Gary if you will."   What have you got to lose?